Padgett Farm is a family owned beef business.  At our farm here in Washington County in Upstate New York, we focus on flavor and quality.  Our cattle are raised on grass and pure local spring water, plus a daily portion of hand fed grain to enhance flavor and just the right amount of marbling in the beef. 

We raise mostly Angus stock as this type of beef has long been renowned for its high quality eating experience: flavorful, tender and lean. The quality of the meat is due not only to the aging of the beef for 14 to 21 days before processing, but also an inherent genetic predisposition for tenderness.

Our cattle are raised naturally, which means:

  1. Bullet  No antibiotics

  2. Bullet  No steroids

  3. Bullet  No growth hormones

  4. Bullet  Dry-Aged 14-21 days

  5. Bullet  No artificial ingredients

  6. Bullet  Minimally processed

  7. Bullet  Humanely treated

  1. BulletGreetings from Padgett Farm